Valentines Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day, ironically, can often divide opinion more than any other event. Some see it as a way to shower their partner or a loved one with love and gifts, others see it as nothing more than a marketing ploy. 

Whether or not you “do” Valentine’s Day, we’ve got a few ideas for sharing the love – with a partner, your best friend, or a loved one. 

A Socially Distanced Walk 

We were all hoping that by this time, the phrase “social distancing” would be a thing of the past, but for now, we’ve got to stick with it. Getting outside in the fresh air is a great mood booster. Why not pick up a takeaway hot drink to walk with too? 

Covid restrictions have seen a lot of us glued to screens – whether it’s a work from home computer, binge watching a series or endlessly scrolling social media. Going out for a walk with someone and being able to give them your full attention is a great way to reconnect and feel closer. 

Listen to an Album Together

Choosing music that has a lot of meaning to you, or brings back a lot of memories, or just something you simply connect with, is a great way to feel closer to your partner. Listening to the music and talking about why it resonates with you helps you learn about each other and understand each other a bit more. The same could be done with films or TV shows too. 

Creating an At-Home Restaurant 

This one can be done whether you’re isolating together or separately. Cooking together, getting all dressed up and setting a table nicely with candles and flowers can be a really fun thing to do together. Whether you cook a three course meal or cheat and get takeaway instead… it gives you a chance to spend some quality time with your loved one. 

Whether Valentine’s Day is your thing or not, we could all probably do with a bit of extra love at the moment. Maybe just tell your friends you love them, or give a loved one an extra hug, it might just be exactly what they need!

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