Business In Focus – playAONE

This month we sat down with the team at the newly renovated gaming store situated in the heart of the town centre ‘playAONE’

Under new management since October 2020, we’ve been keen to find out more about the guys behind the re-launch.

So guys… tell us, what prompted you to take over the shop?

Well… we saw the opportunity to take over the business from the previous owner, and straight away we could see there was so much potential in the shop. Being a unique local option for all things geek and gaming.

Our team is actually comprised of Pokemon collectors, online gamers, FIFA lovers and an accountant haha

What can customers find at your shop?

We have heavily invested in expanding the stock range we offer since we took over in October. People are probably unaware that we stock Games Workshop, Dungeons and Dragons, Pokemon Cards, Yu-Gi-Oh Cards, Magic The Gathering, Digimon, Dragon Ball Z, Comics, Funko Pops, Role Playing Games, Consoles and Games (both pre-owned and new), Children’s Toys and Games, Collectible Items and more!! 

We are so much more than just a computer game shop.

What makes you different from other gaming shops?

Firstly… we are kind of the only one around. We have customers travelling from Durham, Whitby and Middlesbrough to access our unique stock range. We love what we do! 

Our staff are always on hand to offer recommendations or advice, as collectors and gamers ourselves we usually can offer a great perspective.

It’s hard to ignore the work going on above the shop, can you tell us more?

Of course! Alongside the rebrand and launch we wanted to introduce a complimentary space that offered both a safe space for gamers and a social space for the vast amount of students we have in town… so we are going to be opening our new hub ‘levels’.

Work has been underway for a few months now. 

We’ve been expanding the upstairs space to introduce an outdoor dining area and installing a new kitchen and lots of wiring and structural work.

Levels will be a dedicated gaming cafe and student hub.

With pay to play gaming stations and dedicated trading card gaming, role playing games and competition sessions. We will offer food, drink and snacks to dine in and takeaway. 

A gaming cafe! Wow! Tell us more..

It will boast nine gaming stations that can be hired by the hour either individually or for private parties or events. 

We are just finalising becoming an authorised play centre for Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh TCG which will give us unique access to pre-release events and allow us to hold tournaments and competitions.

We want to create a space that is tailored for students too! 

A modern space with charge points, great wi-fi, quality and affordable food just a stone’s throw away from the college.

Sounds exciting, when can we expect to see you open your doors?

We are aiming to open at the end of July / Mid August all being well. 

We really want to offer something unique to the scope of the town, and something that appeals to students and gamers alike. We are so excited to open!

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