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When not to listen to your GP

It’s wear and tear” or “you’ll just have to live with it”, sound familiar?

These throw away comments are some of the biggest battles we fight as physiotherapists because, unfortunately, people accept them. 

We hear these phrases daily in the physiotherapy clinic from those who have chosen to ignore the naysayers and to not accept a life of painkillers or “live with it”.  Accepting aches and pains as we get older should not be the norm.  The vast majority of the time there IS something that can be done.

It has been proven time and time again that if you were to scan anyone over the age of 20 years old you will start to see these ‘changes’. And the vast majority of these don’t feel any pain in their “wear and tear”.

So why do our joints always get the blame? “it’s arthritis”, and our muscles have a lot to answer for too!  Our muscles work tirelessly day in and day out everyday so of course they’re going to get tired, tight and uncomfortable at times. And if our muscles are tight can you imagine what’s happening to the joints underneath? They’re going to get compressed, restricted and feel pretty uncomfortable too! 

Try this: whilst making a tight fist try circling your wrist around. Then try again with your hand relaxed. What’s easier? 

This is an example of how tightness and tension can restrict our joint movement and it can happen all over the body without us realising – commonly in our hips, backs and shoulders. So simply loosening the muscles around the aching joints can often ease a lot of pain!

What you can do for yourself

1 – Move more! Increasing the blood flow to the muscles with gentle exercises such as walking, yoga and swimming can help to ease tight muscles. 

2 – Reduce stress – unnecessary stress can play a very big part in how we hold tension in our body. 

3 – Massage therapy is a great way to relax tight muscles as well.

Speaking with a Physiotherapist to get professional advice can be hugely beneficial. Not only to ease pain, but to stop if from coming back again.

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