Exciting New Independent Shops Join The High Street

A town wide complaint for some time now has been the array of empty storefronts, the lack of new businesses being able to open in the area. It’s been a tough couple of years, this is undeniable! However we appear to be seeing a new breath of life in the scope of independent business owners setting up shop here in guisborough, and we couldn’t be more excited!

J&B Butchers

Undoubtedly something we have been severely missing on the high street since the loss of newboulds is an independent butcher shop. 

J&B have moved in right next door to the iconic town hall and it’s safe to say they have been a huge hit. 

The family owned butchers is spearheaded by father Lee Bryski who many of you will have seen prior to their opening working hard on the renovation of the existing travel agents. 

Stocking a great range of produce you’ll find family favourites as well as some amazing specials such as ‘boneless chicken legs stuffed with Guinness paste and sausage, wrapped in bacon, covered in a Guinness glaze’ (excuse us whilst we drool).

We’ve paid them a visit for both their amazing homemade parmos as well as becoming regulars for their breakfast sandwiches.

Maple & Dough

New to opening up over on market place, the dynamic duo of Sophie and Finn produce simply amazing vegan bakes and can be found at various food festivals and market days in the region.

Well known for their ‘New York Style’ cookies available in some truly mouth watering flavours they have recently taken part in the huge ‘Vegan Camp Out’ event which saw them have to bake thousands of cookies for the event goers, a huge feat by any standards!

Not only can you shop their amazing vegan delights in store or on market days but you can also order online at www.mapleanddough.co.uk

Levels Gaming

Newly opening above the shop row on Market Place, the dedicated gaming diner is something truly unique to the town. A modern space with a great fresh menu of street food, shakes and sweet treats. It’s a place for all! 

The work completed inside is nothing but spectacular, the industrial reclaimed look carriers through and is a great spot to simply hang out with friends and family.

Students can grab a student discount card for only £5 per year, which gives you a 10% discount on all food and drink.

The gaming lounge provides hourly access to next generation gaming stations where you can simply play online with friends or work your way through your favourite games.

It’s a great change to the scope of hospitality and combines well with technology and gaming culture.

The Little Spanish Cleaning Company

A local favourite of so many! Anna Winter-Storey is in the process of moving into a great new space over on market place too! 

Offering spanish laundry and cleaning products with some absolutely amazing fragrances.

Something a little different on the highstreet for sure, but it’s certainly something we feel will be a great addition to the independent businesses our town has on offer.

Keep your eyes peeled for the store’s official opening!

What Planet Are You On?

An all new plastic-free refill store. 

Who also offer a great late night shopping option on occasions too. 

Run by Ben and Kelda, this zero waste store hopes to bring an all new sustainable way of shopping to the people of guisborough.

They offer refill dispensers for a vast range of products including: Beans, Cereals, Dried Fruits, Flours, Grains, Nuts, Pasta, Rices, Seeds, Spices, Tea and Coffees

You can also fill up your household and personal cleaning products including: Body wash, Conditioner, Moisturizer, Shampoo, Soaps, Tooth paste, Kitchen/Bathroom cleaner, Wash Detergent, Floor cleaner.

Another unique store adding value to both the economy of the town as well as the towns ethical approach to shopping. 

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